An Overview of Drago: The Jewels of Fortune

Even if you’re already familiar with Pragmatic Play slot machines, firing up Drago – Jewels of Fortune is guaranteed to throw you for a loop. The visual style is very different from what they usually do; it nearly looks like it was made by a different company. This improvement in quality is much appreciated after a string of average video games.

Fantasy slot Drago – Jewels of Fortune has several fun extras and great potential payouts. There are dragons, but they aren’t Asian in design like you might expect from this service provider; instead, they have a cartoonish quality. If you can avoid getting burned to a crisp by a mouthful of dragon fire, Drago’s unconventional reel formation and gameplay will keep the excitement going strong.

The game is set in a dark cave filled with treasure while a dragon guards his hoard. This purple dragon, who we can only assume to be Drago but who does not reveal his identity, sways as if under the influence. It would be unnerving if he just stood there and stared at you, though. It’s the age-old scene of the dragon admiring his wealth, complete with dramatic music steeped in imagination.

The game board is an intriguing 5 reel, 4 row, 4 column, 5 row, 5 column arrangement. A golden border surrounds each corner position on the first and fifth reels of the extra row. These unique corner configurations are what activate the features; more on that below. In addition to the bigger than average reel size, the number of possible winning combinations is also increased. Winning combinations are made of three or more matching symbols, from the first reel, left to right. There are 1,600 possible winning combinations because winning symbols can appear in any row.

Pragmatic’s handy volatility meter, accessible from the home screen, gives players an idea of what they’re getting into before they push start. Even if Drago’s 4.5/5 rating isn’t the most extreme possible, it’s still quite high. The standard RTP of 96.5% is a number that will appeal to players across the board.

The game has 9 ordinary symbols, a wild symbol, and a bonus symbol, and it may be played for 20 pence to $100 each spin. Five ten-of-a-kind royals with a colorful pattern and a scale design make up the regulars. Four dragons make up the premiums, with our purple friend being the most expensive. Payout multipliers start at 2x for the first dragon and increase up to 10x the wager for five Dragos. The wild card fits in perfectly, as it can replace any icon apart from the bonus when it appears on reels 2, 3, or 4.

Features of the Drago: Jewels of Fortune

As was previously said, the four corners of the grid hold the secrets to victory in Drago. Dragon Super Spins and Free Spins are two different bonus features that can be triggered by players. The Dragon Super Spin bonus round is activated when players land four identical dragon symbols in any of the four screen corners.

During this bonus round, the reels will only be allowed to display the triggering symbol. Each time this happens, it is secured for the duration. When no more Dragon symbols appear, the game finishes, and a prize is awarded based on the total number of Dragon symbols collected. Additionally, during the bonus round, you may receive up to one upgrade symbol. If it does, then all pays on the paytable are doubled. More symbols equal a larger payout:

There is a 2x to 100x payout for yellow dragons.

There is a 4x-250x payout range for green dragons.

The payout for red dragons ranges from five times to five hundred times the initial wager.

Payouts for pink dragons range from 10 times to 5,000 times the initial wager.

Only the white crystal icon on reels 1 and 5 triggers the bonus round. To activate free spins, you need to land four bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. The special respin game is played before the round begins, and it begins with 3 respins and resets whenever a symbol lands. Players can build up the free spins feature by collecting the following special symbols, making each free spins round somewhat different:

Free games range from one to ten when green crystals are included.

One to five sticky wilds can be gained from red crystals.

Purple gems can increase the quantity of hidden characters by anywhere from 5 to 50.

A blue crystal can double or double your multiplier for a win.

When the respin round ends, any accrued bonuses are carried over to the free spins round and shown in the four corners. There are no retriggers, so you had better make the most of what you were given. Finally, there’s the possibility that you can purchase an additional bonus when you purchase Drago. This feature requires a 100x wager to activate the bonus rounds. Using the bonus buy option does not grant you a higher return to player percentage than would otherwise be the case.

Decision in Drago and the Jewels of Fortune

As it turned out, Pragmatic Play’s new release, Drago – Jewels of Fortune, is a really fun and rewarding game. While its extreme volatility and potential payout would seem to target only the most committed gamblers, the game’s visual attractiveness and feature set could end up attracting a much larger audience.

When we talk about features, we must admit that it was a slog until the first one finally materialized. The game didn’t really get going until four identical dragons showed up in the corners for a neat, if unremarkable, victory. After then, new elements came on a consistent basis, keeping the game moving along smoothly even as the bankroll fluctuated close to its starting point. The nature of the game makes any outcome possible.

During our testing, we noticed that there are occasions when the predetermination factor is too blatant. In the respin collection function, for instance, a multiplier of more than x1 is extremely unlikely to occur if you are awarded 10 free spins. Also, wilds always appear to land in the worst conceivable places on the reels when they are randomly dispersed. Hidden symbols are intriguing in their own right. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re rewarded 10 or 50, the chance of landing mystery symbols virtually looks to be the same.

When it comes to victories, Drago – Jewels of Fortune may reach some really lofty heights. During the Dragon Free Spins bonus round, for example, the upgrade symbol can double your wins, increasing them to a maximum of 10,000x with 20 or more Dragos. During the free spins bonus round, the potential increases to almost 48,000 times the bet, according to Pragmatic. If you want to hit the jackpot during free spins, you’ll have to do some crazy collecting during the respin round first. It’s well knowledge that the claims made for Pragmatic Play are sometimes…exaggerated.

But overall, Drago – Jewels of Fortune was a fun and exciting slot machine. It looks great, it sounds great, and it has some cool features that can technically blow your mind. The outcome is suitable for high-stakes gambling with incredible payouts if a daring raid on the dragon’s treasure chamber is successfully executed.

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